I love making jewellery, from the early design concept through to the finished item, I feel so passionate about every piece. The possibilities are endless and it’s exciting when inspiration comes for each unique, special piece. Whether I’m making something elegant and stylish, contemporary and clean or a classic timeless creation, they all bring me so much joy.

I am in awe of our beautiful planet which creates such intrinsic diverse treasures, each Gem is a wonderful creation unique in its own way. Some rarer stones have amazing naturally occurring phenomenon like asterism (star stones), or colour changing Sapphires which shine different hues in different types of light. As well as the type of gem, the cut can also be rare or unusual and when applied to a stone like an Amethyst, can make it simply stunning. Each gem deserves to be admired and set off in its own unique manner. I am often inspired by the gem stone and I love to see the design develop into a finished piece of stunning jewellery. It is truly gratifying to see someone wear and adore it.

When I’m designing for a client, I listen to their likes and dislikes and develop the piece to suit each person’s needs. Please feel free to come in for a chat, we can look at your ideas together, each piece really is as special as the person who wears it.

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