Perfect Fit

To ensure your wedding ring is a ‘Perfect Fit’ with your engagement ring, you can enjoy our bespoke creative process with us in these 5 steps:

Step One – Consultation
Make an appointment to see one of our highly skilled, friendly and professional Goldsmiths and explore a range of styles and ideas for your wedding ring design. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your wedding ring to compliment and sit alongside your engagement ring.  We will then bring your ideas to life on paper and help you narrow down the selection to the one design you love. 

Step Two – Wax Model and First Fitting
With a design in mind, we will make you a 3D wax model (charged at £50 and deducted on completion of the ring). Having a wax model enables you to try it on, and we can then make any adjustments required to ensure it is a perfect fit.

Step Three – The Final Quote
Once you are happy, we will convert the weight of the wax model into the weight of the metal of your choice and provide you with a final quote.

Step Four – Our Goldsmiths Will Work Their Magic
Our in-house workshop, and skilled Goldsmiths will then create your handmade and exclusive wedding ring, just for you!

Step Five – Final Fitting
If there are any final adjustments required once made in your material of choice, they will be completed at this point. Now your beautiful, unique wedding ring is ready for your special day!

To book your appointment call us on 01225 460072.