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Try something new this year

when looking to buy new jewellery we often like to play it safe, weather it’s because exploring new styles can seem risky, or the misconception That new means expensive  some times it can simply  be down to confidence, Here at Jody Cory Goldsmiths we have a wide range of classic and contemporary styles and everything in between, so why not try something new this year and explore the wonderful world of contemporary jewellery, our .

Top Ten for Christmas 2016

Christmas is coming and it’s almost time to find those final gifts for the ones you love (…and maybe one for yourself too, well, you have been working hard!). We have lots of handmade jewellery ready to delight that someone special.  Browse our range of precious, semi-precious or rare Gemstone pieces in store, we have lots to choose from! But just to help, here’s a selection of our favourites … From top left to bottom right: 1) .