Amanda Coleman

After graduating from Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Amanda opted for a further one year’s residency at the Bishops land Workshops in Reading and then was fortunate to gain a place at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London to undertake a Masters in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery, graduating in 1998. Amanda has been making and developing jewellery collections ever since, to satisfy her thirst for experimentation and new concepts in jewellery construction techniques in a style all of her own.

“I love making jewellery, I love getting an idea and the journey it goes on from being in my head, being created in my hands

and finally being worn by customers. I love looking at things, whether it is man made or nature made, I love seeing the intricacies, working out how things work. The world is full of wonder; I hope my jewellery goes some way to expressing this” Amanda Coleman