Clean your jewellery with a “Diamond Dazzle Stick”

The “Diamond Dazzle Stick” is an all time staff favourite here at Jody Cory’s, wether it’s a quick touch up before heading out to our customers or polishing our own jewellery this nifty little gadget is perfect for removing dirt from hard to reach nooks and crannies as well as maintaining sparkle.

Unlike many cleaning solutions and cloths that only clean the Metal surface the soft bristled tip of the Dazzle stick is perfect for getting in to small spaces without scratching even high karat gold

the gental cleaning paste is specially designed to clean and brighten all stones from the hardest Diamonds to the mostdelicate pearl

here is a short video of  of Jody Cory cleaning one of her own rings with the Diamond Dazzle Stick..look at that shine


How to use

How to use step by step guide

1) Remove lid to expose soft cleaning brush

2) Twist silver base of the stick till a blue paste appears among the bristles

3) Dip brush into water

4) Gently clean jewellery in a circular motion

5) Rinse off residue and dry your jewellery with a soft cloth

6) Enjoy your sparkling clean  jewellery


You can also pop in to one of our shops for a free demonstration