Sept Birthdays – the Birthstone is Sapphire

Sapphire are truly precious and beautiful. Sapphires are most often seen in their famous blue colour which can range in shade from sparkling pale blue to a deep azure or dark, deep midnight blue.  Sapphires can also be found in a wide range of other colours including yellow, purple, orange or green.  Another natural phenomenon which occurs in some rare Sapphires is the ability to change colour between natural and artificial light.

As one of the hardest gemstones known to mankind, Sapphires make a wonderful choice for jewellery.

Ancient beliefs for Sapphire gemstones were that it’s clear, yet deep blue qualities represented power and strength, kindness and wise judgement.  It was believed to bring protection and good fortune to its wearer. Sapphire is thought to be exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, helping to release tensions and concerns. It is believed that Sapphire encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.

Jody has a special interest in creating bespoke, one-off pieces of jewellery using unique and rare gemstones and this is where the Sapphire comes into its own. A variation of the traditional blue Sapphire, is the ‘Star Sapphire’.  Rare and covetable, it’s six rayed star is simply stunning.

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